Printing a 2D object has been something very common on our daily life. For example: printing an invitation letter, printing due to office tasks, submit assignment and so on.
Usually before you print, you would type the words. After it’s done, and you’re ready to check your draft. Some people find it easy to go through what has been typed, checked and modified the draft (if needed) directly from reading what’s on the screen. But for others, for example me, i find it hard to do just by reading what’a on the screen. It is easier for the later group to check and do some modification on the printer paper. And, once modification has been performed, then your draft is ready for your to use. Of course you dont want to get ambaresment, do you?
But if you are just so sure and confident with your writing ability, then you can use your draft for your puporse.
If computer is used to express something in your mind into words, to realize your thought into words. then printer is used to print the words on a solid medium, like paper.
2D printing prints words from your writing software in computer in paper.
That’s the principle usage of (2D) printer.


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