my life is about numbers and codes

during all this years, i’ve never realizing that my head is filled with numbers and codes!

until, just recently…

a couples of years ago, when i was still in my fifteen years old, i thought i can manage to remember the passwords of my email, of course because by that time, i only have one email address.

of course you can image what a fifteen years old girl could do with an email in a developing country, like Indonesia, in around is still pain, unlike now, where you can have many access just by using your email address. all i can do with my email account was just sending emails to my high school friends, most of them was basically just forwarding (un-important) emails..haha..even my email ID is just way out of the blue…i don’t even understand how did i get that ridiculous ID!!

then i started to learn about messenger..i felt this feature is so cool, i can send texts and even calls to my friends using messenger, of course my friends should have messengers too before i can do that

so, in summary, i was using my first email ever made just for fun, until i got to university and graduated.

before i graduated, i started to know that wow, i can apply for job online..yeah, if i have email address!! and yes, i did have one!!

but, i was way to embarrassed, because  of my email ID..i didn’t the company got the wrong impression because of my email ID.. so i decided to make another email account for formal things..

yeah, i still can manage to remember my two passwords for two emails…yep, i’m a smart girl..haha..

but, as time goes by, there we got social friendster, facebook, twitter, you named it…and something was popping in my head..hey, social networks connects me with my friends even i decided to make one using my first ever email…then, something happened..i got bored with this social network, and i never opened it for years

also, ever since i graduated from my bachelor degree, i was more active in my formal email..i work with my circles using this email until several years to the point that i forgot my first ever password…oh no!!

that emails got all the contacts of my friends from high schools to bs. university…wht am i gonna do?! desperately, i reset-ted my password, and yeah, i got it back..

now, i have to remember three passwords for different accounts..

at this time, my social network was so many people are using it, they were shifting to a new-er social network…at first, i tried to stick on my first choice..but it was so lonely…all of my friends were shifting to this new social, i decided to create a new profile in this social network.. now my circles are bigger than just my friends in junior high and university…i was pretty conscious that companies or third parties, even bad guys, may try to get personal information using social, decided to create a new email account for this social network …

so, here i am i got 5 passwords to remember, all with numbers and alphanumeric combinations…pluses several atm pin accounts….arrrgh…i cant remember all the things…in  fact, password are not something so trivial that other can guess so easily

a year ago, if i am not mistaken, browser were starting to offer feature to save passwords..i thought that’s way too dangerous..what if virus infected my pc and stole the passwords? aww..i definitely wouldn’t want to do that, that’s what i first thought…

now, i have two more combinations of numbers and codes to remember….shhh, i think my head is fulled with numbers and codes when i deal with email and social networks…

may be i should choose traditional way..write them down in a piece of paper and save it carefully!!


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