disaster today

just 2 days ago i heard the news of China earthquake..a massive earth quake with 7.1 magnitude of Richter scale hit Qinghai Province, caused 617 dead, thousands injured and hundreds missing..this disaster has much reminded me of the earthquakes stroke my country…yeah..my country, Indonesia, one the country in the world with the most volcanoes..very much likely and susceptible to experience (tectonic) earthquake the most.

before I left my country, Padang in west Sumatra was stroke with 7.7 magnitude of Richter scale…I myself has also experienced 6.9 scale of Richter earthquake that hit Bantul Jogjakarta in 2004. buildings collapsed, hill collapsed, road cracked,people were rushing go to hospitals, hospitals were full, many of them could not be placed in a proper place, some had to laid outside hospitals, doctors were limited, only able to handle very small amount of people..they who didnt lucky didnt get proper medication and then died..dead body were filling the road..i can not forget how the sorrow it was..so, i can feel how the people in Qinghai Province….to the people of Qinghua Provinde, I pray may the aid (rescue teams, doctors, tents, clothes, blankets, food, clean waters, medicines,etc) can reach you soon, may somebody saved you to those who may still alive under the debris, may you were given a patience and fortitude for those who were left by the beloved ones…

and just about a couples of hours ago,  a volcano was erupting in Ireland, causing several countries in Europe canceled the hundreds of flight due to the ash dust which cover the sky-route of several airlines. even though up to this point, there is no report about live cost, but sure the eruption has made the passenger lost the time, stuck in the airport…but what can they do??some of them may just wait, some are not..they try to rent a car to go to the destination, or take ferry or underground train (French-British), or take train to the closest country..every possibility..i may have never experienced like that..but stuck in an airport with a long and unidentified period, hence at the same time you know that have to do your job, some thing important in your life..is something that no body would ever want to experienced…

so, the best wish i could do for you, hope everything will be OK soon 🙂

everything lays in God hands..we are just human..so, why don`t we just let God handles this, and besides this kind of thing is small small thing for God…forget about everything already….it`s just the faith to God that you can hold now..yeah..at least that is my opinion..anyway, i do really hope that everything is going to be okay soon…i also hope that you can meet your family, if your a part with them now…it feels good to gather with our family..


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  1. citysoliloquy
    Apr 16, 2010 @ 17:04:08

    I left England a few weeks back to travel to Canada and have been reading up on the Iceland volcano eruption. I know that many are stressing about their jobs and the financial cost of the interruptions – paying for hotels and hire cars in destinations they have not yet arrived in. But (as far as I know) no one has been terribly hurt such as in the awful earthquakes you mention above. Which makes me feel kind of mad at the people who get annoyed over a delayed flight when at least they have their lives. Prayers are with Padang and Qinghai Province. It feels like the frequency of natural disasters is increasing 😦


  2. khusnun
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 01:24:22

    yeah you`re right..may be that`s why we should not complain a lot, because out there on the other part of the world we live, we don`t know that actually there`s just so many people who suffered worse than what we feel…
    not only the frequency is increasing, i think the magnitude is also gaining..may be the earth is just to old now, it`s our turn to take care and treat our beloved earth very much carefully :)..


  3. citysoliloquy
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 05:14:28

    I think you’re so right there 🙂 We really need to take care of planet earth.


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